Friday, 11 April 2014


Fi has had a throat infection and cough this week, high temp
and refusing to drink took us to the doctors on Tuesday,
we left with a prescription some advice on painkillers
for her and also instruction that if little miss
didn't drink and go to the toilet during the morning
we'd need to go to hospital to get some fluids into her :( 
Thankfully although reluctant she did drink a bit
and no hospital trip required.
lots of napping - late in the afternoon :(
Although we've been home a lot we have been busy,
David's done a fair bit of baking and cooking, Daniels been building
and they have spent some time playing minecraft!!!

Yesterday we headed out for an afternoon at the beach (Aberdour is one of my favourite places)
armed with our Tesco meal deals had lunch - in the car! -
then a few hours playing about in the sand
(still a bit cold for the water although I imagine had we
packed towels and spare clothes for the boys they would have ended up wet).
So far this morning its been slow, Fi is playing kitchens the boys
have a friend over and I am cleaning the oven!!

oven cleaning!!


playing kitchen

hopefully this afternoon will see a wee bit wigwam creating
(planning this as part of Fi's birthday presents)

looking for nice recipes and meal planning
I need to get my finger out, loose a few pounds
and my bum out the door and exercise!!
Happy Friday :)
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  1. Happy Friday!! Sounds like a great day apart from the oven cleaning!
    Aww poor Fi....I hope she's better now!

    1. Unfortunately needs must, looks so much better all shiny and clean :)

  2. Awww.. Get well soon to your duaghter. #wotw

    1. thanks, she's on the mend now thankfully x

  3. I do hope your daughter is starting to feel better. We're a houseful of people recovering at the moment! #WotW

  4. Oh dear, hope Fi's on the up soon then. It's hard seeing them suffer. On an entirely different note, I am loving that fabric there! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    1. Thanks, she's on the mend thankfully :)
      Fi chose the fabric at Ikea, have started cutting the panels for her wigwam x