Monday, 31 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday 31st March

Minced beef
Homemade burgers, coleslaw and wedges
Haggis Crepes (were supposed to have this last week but they never happened)
Macaroni Cheese, with bacon and mushrooms

Not feeling 100% organised this week (blaming the change of clocks, couldn't get to sleep last night and up a wee bit later than normal this morning - boys weren't particularly pleased at getting up time this morning either :( )

Hoping to finish my clearing out this week :) , have Fi's party invitations to get made and out to her friends at the end of the week, front of a crochet top to finish and restart the sleeve of Fi's purple cardigan something not right with the cable!! and generally get ready for two weeks of school holiday starting Friday :)

Have a good week.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Vintage toys

This past week has seen the boys playing Monopoly,  we've got the old fashioned basic board game, it's interesting to watch how they play.  Daniel wants to buy Mayfair and Park Lane spurred on by the high rents if you manage to build houses and hotels.  David doesn't have much strategy it's more a buy anything you land on!!

Fi's been busy playing with her 'new' pram, a coach built silver cross which is probably about 35years old.  It was my dolls pram which was bought by my mum and dad for me at the age of 4 - my mums finding it strange having flash backs of me pushing the same pram and Fi just constantly wants to go for walks :)

Craft a week catch up

Although I've not posted my craft a week I have been managing to get something done most weeks, there were even a couple of weeks I must have got more than one thing done, here's a wee picture catch up.  Weeks 2 - 9

Mini wooden bunting and crate paper   
at last I got round to the photo gallery in the hallway
I have had this pinned for so long, special family dates :)
Fiona's felt and my paper wrist corsages 
Crochet bag made to go with a dress I have still to finish
Present for my brother and sister in law who got married on the 28.2.14
Paper cut card for my auntie and uncles ruby wedding
Pompom garland, the start of some girly tea party decorations
and my upcycled lampshade
This weeks craft is in progress as we speak :)

Monday, 24 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday - 24th March 2014

 I can't believe that is Monday and the last week of March already!
Fruity Chicken Curry
Spaghetti bolognese
Haggis crepes 
Fish Finger sandwiches with French fries and homemade coleslaw
Chicken pie and vegetables

The boys are out on Saturday so nothing planned, Fi and me will just suit ourselves :)

I'm hoping to get a bit of home baking done this week too, fruit scones
this afternoon and later in the week some iced gingerbread loaf
and maybe some pancakes too.
Time is running in and my baby girl
(she is quick to point out she's not a baby anymore) turns 4!! in just 4 weeks.
It seems like only yesterday I was doing a scrapbook/journal
of Daniels 4 weeks to 4 (he turned 11 in February).
So in the run down to 4 I'm going to keep a little journal/photo record,
we're in the process of making girly tea party decorations,
tea party invitations and working out what
games and crafts we need for a successful girly tea party :)
and while all that's going on they are all off school for two weeks Easter holidays!!
Hope you all have a great week and get some time to enjoy this lovely weather x

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Upcycled Challenge

During February #craftblogclub ran an upcycling challenge.
I've been planning to do something with the boring white lampshades in our living room, its a bit late but here's my new lampshade :)


just need to do something with the other one now!
Spring clean swap to do first - just need to narrow down what I'm going to do.

Friday, 21 March 2014

5 on a Friday

Can't believe that it is almost a month since I last posted anything on here :( the weeks seem to be running in.

I have been busy over the last 4 weeks, making a lampshade as part of the #craftblogclub upcycle challenge,

I have a crochet top started for me and a cardigan on the go for Fi!!

Fi turns 4 in a few weeks so invitations are on the go, plans for a girly tea party and girly decorations (in the form of a pompom garland are all happening)

Daniel has been away to school camp this week, it has been strange only having two in the house - he'll be back at lunchtime, with a mountain of washing, some stories to tell and a fair bit of sleep to catch up on I'm sure.  While he's been away I've been trying to resort lots of lego back into their kits
:( not a great job but I am getting there.
(think someone missed him)

Here's my 5 on a Friday -

Car to the garage for a service and run/walk home!
Bed changing

Pompom making

Hope you have a good weekend.
I'm planning a little bit of crafting over the weekend,
have a couple of hours alone time tomorrow afternoon :)