Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Easter Monday

We're all still on holiday today, I got back out a did 4k this morning
[a mix of running and walking so need to keep making myself getting out there],
with birthday celebrations yesterday and the boys had two different
golf things going on we left our Easter hunt and
decorating of boiled eggs until today.

We have a busy week ahead,
birthday celebrations continue through the week
and on Thursday afternoon
Fiona is having a tea party with 9 of her girl friends.
Lots of pink stuff, sandwiches and cakes,
party games and some crafting planned.

Our meals will hopefully look something like this - 
Pork and apple burgers with pasta and salad
Chicken something???
Chicken curry with rice and nan bread
Lasagna, garlic bread and salad
Sweet and sour pork
Pork with mushroom and cream sauce

linking up with -
Meal Planning Monday

I'm also hoping to finish new curtains for our kitchen/dining room,
I have the family tree cushion to finish,
garden fence painting (weather permitting)
and am also busy knitting a hot pink cardigan for Fi :)



  1. lovely menu - hope you find time to fit everything in, sounds like a busy week you've got planned! x

  2. All sounds delicious, especially pork and apple burgers.

    1. Thank you, pork and apple burgers are lovely :)