Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Birthday Fi xx

Happy Birthday Fi x
Four years ago today our little princess arrived. 
Up until the moment she was born I expected to have another boy [Ethan],
it took a while to get sorted in my head that Ethan wasn't real!!!
and that this little bundle was a girl - lots of dresses and pink cardigans.
Being a mum to a girl is very different from a mum to boys!!
She's changed our lives, in so many ways she is a complete mixture
of her brothers and in so many ways she is so completely different.
Fiona at 4 :) 
you love to colour and draw,
to craft (you would glitter and glue all day),
make hama bead creations,
read stories,
play kitchens,
build jigsaws,
go for walks with your pram,
ride your bike and play with a football. 
You love to watch movies and cuddle up on the sofa.
This you say -
'mum we love each other'
every night after dinner 'I'm on dishes'!!
You love pink and always want to wear leggings!!!
Happy Birthday Princess xx

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