Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Creative challenge 9th April 2014

Linking up with Caroline for this weeks Creative Challenge
Been on my to do list for a while the Ikea kitchen steps painted black
- 2 tins of Poundland spray paint later and a revamped set of steps :)
Am thinking polka dots - but will wait and see what colour I eventually decorate
the kitchen/dining room.

Brooches using Guide tartan, I was asked by a friend
if I could make her some brooches using the Guide tartan
- nothing like getting a gift that no one else has or can get their hands on :)
6 puffy flower brooches were created
and faced with a few bits of scrap I made a couple in a felt and flower design.

I've also been working on a family tree cushion cover,
this one is a present for my mil's birthday at the end of the month. 
I've started to stitch the names on it, they are handwritten then hand stitched. 
Some more hand stitching of grass/little button flowers to go along
the bottom edge then to turn it into a cushion cover :)
Hopefully my mil will like it.
Its the Easter school holidays at the moment, Fi isn't very well with
a throat infection (lots of missed sleep and generally feeling pretty miserable)
its been a fight the last couple of days to get her to drink,
after a visit to the doctor yesterday and talking to her about needing
to go to hospital if she didn't drink she's been a wee star
and although reluctant has been persuaded :) 
hopefully after a better nights sleep she'll be feeling better today.
(all too much for her)
Having been house bound for a few days (todays weather suggests more of the same :( )
there have been lots of creative things going on with the boys - currently they are creating some world on minecraft (beyond my understanding!!) :)
apple and cranberry flapjacks

sweet and sour pork (Monday night he made toad in the hole)
building a combustion engine
 (not a big fan of the kitchen but Dan did make bacon and poached eggs for breakfast)
they've also been hovering, weeding the garden and David been learning to clean the bath!!
Hope your having a good week.


  1. Wow, you're busy! I'm totally impressed :)

    1. Few days enforced stay in the house gets lots of little bits and pieces done :) didn't feel that we'd been that busy until it was all written down x

  2. Wow you are always so busy! SOrry to hear Fi has been so poorly, hope she is better soon! I am absolutely loving your creativity as always, especially the family tree cushion - such a lovely idea and to be able to make it yourself is pretty amazing! Love it. thanks so much for linking with #creativechallenge xx

    1. Am loving making the cushion cover (next one is being sketched out now!) it really quickly comes together and is so personal, I love it x

  3. Love the family tree cushion! Amazing!

  4. What a busy, and productive, week! Absolutely love the cushion covet x #CreativeChallenge

  5. What a beautiful cover! How lovely. I am the words least creative person when it comes to crafts. I'm very very jel xxx

  6. Thats a lot of creativeness. Thanks for sharing. I love your family tree project and I will always come back to see its development. I actually need a tartan fabric! I just remembered when I saw your photo =P #creativechallenge

    1. thank you, more hand stitching today :) hopefully get it finished over the next week x