Saturday, 28 June 2014

Summer Holidays :)

School finished for the summer yesterday at lunchtime :)
Daniel goes into his last year of primary school,
David into P5 and Fi into her pre-school year of nursery
after the holidays - time has seriously flown by.
Reading My mix of six I was inspired to put together a summertime
basket with some bits and pieces which will hopefully go some way
towards keeping my 3 occupied during the next 7 weeks.

Some new outdoor games - bats, balls 16ft skipping rope, cola and
mentos for a little experiment, different bits and pieces of sweets, poker set,
giant mashmallows. ice lolly kit, colouring stuff, a treasure trail, poker kit!!
and some mp3 books for our road trip.

Daniel has some bits and pieces planned with The Busy Project, David is
booked in for some days at Summer Camp run at the local community centre,
both boys have a week at Golf camp and we also have two weeks family
holiday in Wales - something tells me its going to be a fairly busy/quick 7 weeks.

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