Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Making Fabric Baskets

Yesterday was an inservice day so no school,
it was fairly bright and sunny so we packed up
a picnic and headed to The Kelpies and Helix Park.  
My three are all at different stages, Daniel is quickly approaching
the teenage years, happy to stay in his bedroom all day particularly
if that also means he's attached to a laptop or Xbox,
David likes to be active/amused and
Fiona at 4 is happy to do whatever.

They had a great time and even although it wasn't that warm the
boys did go in for a paddle! Its definitely somewhere we will go again.
I've been busy this week making fabric baskets.
I made one as part of the Spring Clean Swap for the #craftblogclub
Kay blogged about the one I made for her, very glad to say that she liked it.
My Spring Clean Swap pressie arrived this morning
I'll blog all about it tomorrow :)
These baskets are all for 'customers' the first two have to get
fabric notebook covers to match the second two are bound for a
school classroom (love the brightness of these I hope they get well used). 



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  1. There's seven and half years between my boys. It's a nightmare to find something that interests them both!