Monday, 24 February 2014

Meal planning Monday - 24th February 2014

Meal planning didn't really happen last week - school holidays meant we kind of winged it.  Back to normal routine this week :)

Mince, mashed potatoes and vegetables
Sweet and Sour pork
Pork and noodle stir fry
Soup, crusty bread and pudding
Lasagne and garlic bread
Chicken Pie and vegetables
we're at a wedding on Friday so no cooking happening then :)
Been finishing off bits and pieces for the wedding (my brother in law and his fiancé) on Friday -
Papercut Card and silver bell horseshoe
the papercut card isn't perfect but not bad for a second every attempt (more practice needed)
Fiona's wrist corsage - felt, thread and some buttons - made to match the colour of her dress :)
and a wee bit more papercutting, my aunt and uncle
celebrate their ruby wedding this coming Sunday.